Are you looking to buy a home in a competitive market but don’t want to take a chance with high due diligence?

We got you covered! Home Inspection Carolina is now offering Walk-Through Consultations.

What is a walk-Through Consultation? Well, first, a Walk-Through Consultation should not be confused with a home inspection or a substitute for one.

A Walk-through Consultation is a visual, verbal consultation where we will consult with you and answer questions about the home. We will visually look at your concerns and provide information about the house you otherwise may not be aware of. Thus, educating and helping you make the right decision for your family.


For any additional questions, please contact us at 704-542-6575 or email us at

Top Questions and Things to know.

1. How will I meet the consultant?

Our consultant will arrive approximately 15 mins before the consultation to discuss and answer any questions.

2. Will the consultant provide a report?

No, our consultant will only be providing a verbal consultation during the walk-through. We will not provide a report or photos.

3. If I schedule a walk-through with a consultant, can I then have the same consultant inspect the house if we are under contract?

Yes, all of our consultants are licensed home inspectors and can perform home inspections as well. Once you are under contract, contact our office at, and we will schedule a home inspection with the same consultant.