Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Pre-Listing Home Inspection
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Should you have a Pre-listing home inspection before listing your home? Many experts say yes! Some experts say it is bad timing to have a home inspection performed after you’re under contract. It’s better to have the home inspected before it goes on the market in order to avoid surprises that might cause the deal to fall through.

Pre-listing Inspections

How does it benefit you to have a Pre-Listing Home Inspection?

The advantages of a Pre-Listing Home Inspection far outweigh the drawbacks, and Home Inspection Carolina has a Pre-Listing program that will benefit the seller, buyer, and even the listing agent! We’ll outline those in a minute, but first, let’s think about this scenario:

You put your home on the market and wait anxiously for interested buyers. After some negotiating, your home goes under contract. Yay! The buyer has the home inspected, only to discover that there is $10,000 worth of repairs needed in the crawl space. Who is going to eat that cost? Is it you, the seller, who just agreed to take $10,000 off the price of the home? Or the buyer, who is now aware they need to put $10,000 into the house, bringing them back to where they started? This process is stressful for all parties.

A Pre-listing Home Inspection is beneficial for everyone involved!

For the sellers, it puts your cards out on the table- so to speak- for everyone to see. Any items that need repairs are listed and disclosed early on. This allows you to price your home based on the market and the repairs needed.

For the buyers, they see the ins and outs of the home from the start. They feel informed about the status of the home and more confident in their investment.

Pre-Listing Home Inspection by HIC

Let’s use the scenario above to discuss some of the benefits of having a Pre-Listing Home Inspection. If you, the seller, had had a Pre-Listing Home Inspection from Home Inspection Carolina, you would have been aware of the $10,000 worth of underlying issues before putting your home on the market. This would allow you to determine which option is best for your family:

You could make the repairs immediately and adjust your listing price based on the cost of those repairs.
You could list the home and disclose the repairs that are needed to explain the reduced listing price for a smoother transition with the buyer. Or you could take your time, research contractors, and get the best deal for making the repairs before listing your home, all without the pressure of a timeline.

Listing Agents can benefit from Home Inspection Carolina’s Pre-Listing Inspection program as well!

When enrolling in our Pre-listing program through, exclusive to Home Inspection Carolina, listing agents receive leads generated by the program. The leads allow the agent to contact a potential buyer to see if they have representation and if they are interested in knowing more about your home. This helps increase their exposure and get more buyers for you!

Our Pre-Listing Home Inspection program allows prospective buyers to view the report from a QR code posted on a sign in your front yard. Information about the home is not released without the seller’s permission. The seller has complete control of the report and when they want to release it, if at all.

The buyer must purchase the report at a minimum cost to gain access. All the money goes back to the seller to compensate them for purchasing the Pre-Listing Inspection. The leads generated from their home inspection report go directly to the agent.

This program allows the buyer to get a better understanding of the home. Now that the buyer is aware of any repairs, they are more likely to place an offer. Those buyers may also be looking at other homes that have not had a Pre-listing Inspection. There’s no way for them to know the true condition of those homes unless they purchase a buyers Home Inspection. Having your home pre-inspected will give you an advantage against other homes in the market. The Pre-Listing program allows for an open and honest, less stressful transaction for both parties.

Having a Pre-Listing Inspection creates happier clients and smoother transactions, with fewer negotiations, and dramatically reduces the chance of the deal falling through.

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