What Are The Most Common Things Found on a Home Inspection?

No two home inspections are the same.  Every single house is different and has its own story to tell.   It is the home inspector’s job to interpret and tell that story through doing a thorough visual investigation of the house.  Often one hires the home inspector to perform this inspection at the time of purchase.  Even though every house is different home inspector come across many of the same problems after performing many inspections over time.  So, I thought I would write what I think are some of the most common problems found on home inspections after being in the business for almost 25 years.  This list is not to be confused with the most costly or dangerous things found on home inspections.  There is a list for that to be sure but that would be whole other writing.  This list does not imply that your house will or will not have these problems.  Its just a list off the top of an old home inspectors head.  Here we go.

  1. Dirty air filters which leads to clogged condensation lines, overflow pans filled with water and HVAC system that is not working as efficiently as it should. I could write a whole article how the dirty filter leads to all this but for brevity just keep those filters changed.
  2. Loose strike plates and hinges. Fortunately, these are typically easy fixes that just need a screw or multiple screws tightened.  Sometimes if it is stripped You might need a larger screw.
  3. Shrinking insulation on Freon gas line. The Freon gas line is the bigger line that is cold when the AC is running.  Since the gas line is cold while running condensation forms on these.  Over time this pipe insulation shrinks or deteriorates and needs replacement.
  4. No antiphon device on water spigot to prevent water contamination. These are relatively inexpensive and screw right on.
  5. anti tipping brackets on oven are missing. Ovens should have these brackets installed to prevent ovens from flipping over
  6. Faucets continuous drip/and or stopper not working in sinks and tubs. Usually not too bad to fix.  It usually involves replacing some worn out valves
  7. Tubs and Sinks need Caulking. Caulking wears out over time.
  8. Caulking needed around doors and windows. Caulking wears out here too but even faster.  If the caulking fails here moisture can get in behind the wood and cause damage/ aka soft wood.
  9. Poor drainage and lack of splash blocks or downspout diverters. Always ask yourself where does the water go when it rains?  Look for signs of where it goes but you want it to travel away from the house and the foundation.
  10. Damaged plumbing boots. There are rubber plumbing boots that make the transition from roof shingle to plumbing vent pipe.  This rubber eventually deteriorates and crumbles and needs to be replaced
  11. Cracked apex shingle. I cannot tell how many of these I have seen.  Let us just say a bunch.  When that apex shingle must make a sharp angle, it tends to crack over time.
  12. Weathered Deck and/or wood debris under the deck. Its important to keep the wood decks in good shape through periodic maintenance.  Its also important to keep non treated wood such as firewood out from under the deck as this attracts termites.

My list is by no means and exhaustive list nor is it the list of the most expensive or dangerous things found on home inspections, just the most common things found off the top of an old home inspectors head.   For more home inspection information check out the rest of our website and download a sample home inspection report.