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How can you check to see a permit was pulled?

When is a building permit required?

The addition, repair, or replacement of loadbearing members or structures;
The installation, extension, alteration or general repair of any heating or cooling system;
The installation, extension or general repair of any plumbing system;
The installation, extension, alteration of an electrical wire system;
The addition of roofing, excluding the replacement of light grade of fire-resistant roofing;
The use of materials not permitted by this code.

Is the total cost of the permit evaluation include labor cost?

Yes, permit evaluation shall include total costs, such as gas, electrical, plumbing equipment, mechanical, fire protection and other systems, including materials and labor.

Do plans need to be on-site?

Yes, a copy of all plans shall be kept at the building site for the building official during inspections. This includes roof and floor trust drawings, engineering reports and repairs, etc.

Are building permits needed for accessory buildings?

No, all accessory buildings do not require a permit. If the accessory building is greater than 12 feet in any dimension, it will require a building permit and be required to meet the provisions of this code.

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